Human Wellnome Project - DATA IN. FITNESS OUT.

The Human Wellnome Project was founded by physician specialists in home-based cardiopulmonary rehabilitation to improve outcomes within elderly, disabled, and chronically ill patient populations. We provide consultative medical care consistent with our mission to integrate the core elements from cardiopulmonary rehabilitation throughout all facets of healthcare. We seek to center care delivery around maximizing function and fitness over time. To achieve this goal, we have developed a delivery model anchored by downloadable and online software for computers and mobile devices. Our mobile app and coaching platform empower our medical providers and health coaches to (a) collect and store patient wellness and healthcare provider information (b) analyze this data for effective patient management and (b) communicate with patients about how to monitor and build physical, cognitive, and emotional fitness at home consistent with the core elements from home-based cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. Patients and families can download our software and use our connected Bluetooth devices for temporary use during and throughout their episodes of care.  As physician experts in home-based cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, we understand that the KEY to maximizing population health at home is to rapidly map the right plan and the right amount of support to the right patient at the right time. To advance and improve population health, the Human Wellnome Project studies and researches scientific and evidence-based best practices for condition self-care, medication adherence, and lifestyle behaviors. These make up KEY elements from cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and when it comes to population health, all roads lead to these elements.

The "human wellnome" is defined as the personalized set of wellness behaviors mapped to genetic expression that maximize physical, cognitive, and emotional fitness. DATA IN. FITNESS OUT. Elements of the "wellnome" include self-managing conditions and  lifestyle, limiting adverse chemical and other exposures, and enhancing social and financial support. Patients who follow their personal "wellnome" have been shown to:

-Reverse chronic disease
-Prevent chronic disease
-Improve strength & resiliency
-Decrease hospitalizations
-Decrease the use of medical services

It is estimated that the "human wellnome" contributes over 80% to the determinants of health and genetic make-up (genome) contributes less then 20%.

Provider-led teams that map the right "wellnome" to the right patient will markedly enhance population health at a reduced cost and our cardiopulmonary rehabilitation medical providers use online and mobile technology to make this easy.


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