Human Wellnome Project

The Human Wellnome Project was founded to identify best practices in personalized wellness prescription and support and to integrate these practices into our systems of care using downloadable and online software for computers and mobile devices. Our "HealthGamePlan" coaching technology empowers health coaches to to (a) collect and store patient wellness and healthcare provider information and (b) communicate with patients about how to improve well-being. As physician experts in chronic disease prevention and wellness, we understand that the KEY to improving population health is to map the right wellness plan and the right amount of support to the right patient. When it comes to population health, all roads lead to prevention and wellness and this is the only approach that will improve health outcomes at a reduced cost in the long run.

The "human wellnome" is defined as the personalized set of wellness behaviors mapped to genetic make-up that maximize physical, mental, and social well-being. Elements of the "wellnome" include self-managing conditions and  lifestyle, limiting adverse chemical and other exposures, and enhancing social and financial support. Patients who follow their personal "wellnome" have been shown to:

  • Reverse chronic disease
  • Prevent chronic disease
  • Improve strength & resiliency
  • Decrease hospitalizations
  • Decrease the use of medical services

It is estimated that the "human wellnome" contributes over 80% to the determinants of health and genetic make-up (genome) contributes less then 20%.

Provider-led teams that map the right "wellnome" to the right patient will markedly enhance population health at a reduced cost and our online and mobile technology makes this easy without the need to hire additional staff.


The Human Wellnome Project is collaborating with a select group of acute, post-acute, and medical fitness providers to help us test our latest technologies as we continue to grow best practices for health coaching delivery. As a partner you'll begin to integrate health coaching within your clinical workflow but on a smaller scale. You'll have access to our cutting edge technology and clinical team and immediately establish yourself as an innovator in prevention and wellness delivery.

If your interested in becoming a partner:

Contact us at or call us at 609-922-4700.