Health Game Points - Providers Incentivizing Health

Patients need to feel rewarded for the time, cost, and inconvenience of managing conditions and living a healthy lifestyle. They also need to understand what health outcomes are important and readily achievable.

Our rewards program enables providers to connect the right rewards to the right outcomes so patients can take a more active role in achieving their health goals.

Health Game Points-Leveraging Outcomes

With over 70 years of combined experience in achieving prevention and wellness outcomes, we understand what outcomes need to be incentivized for achieving enhanced value in healthcare.

We use mobile technology to automate the rewards process making it easy to incentivize patients to:

  • Follow their condition and lifestyle self-management prescription
  • Achieve specific health outcomes

The Provider "Head Coach"

We empower the provider “head coach” with the tools needed to prescribe the plays and reward the outcomes. Incentives will continue to play a growing role in care delivery and providers are in the best position to link these rewards to specific health outcomes.

If you’ are interested in provider driven wellness outcomes and rewards:

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